dinsdag 23 november 2010

And Australia?s Savviest Shopper is? Alyce!


It’s like American Idol – but Fashion!

AUSTRALIA has voted. Meet Australia’s savviest shopper: ALYCE, the Westfield Insider. The lucky girl beat 1,400 hopefuls to win this coveted, awesome job. She will be spending the next year hunting for the best shopping finds and share the ultimate shopping scoop with Australian shoppers via the blog and Facebook. According to Alyce, her fashion inspiration include style icons Mary-Kate, Alexa Chung, Cory Kennedy, the Geldofs and Chloe Sevigny - not bad choices, if you ask me!

Get the latest shopping tips and tricks from Alyce at www.westfield.com.au – because her job is awesome. Watch her journey of becoming the Westfield Insider below – because it takes more than trendspotting skills and a bubbly personality to win this gig! This could just be one of the best jobs in the world. Congrats to Alyce!

“Passion for Fashion”… that’s what Westfield is looking for!

The trailer – that sums up pretty much everything!

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