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The Apprentice: Details on Last Night?s Episode

Things are coming down to the wire on NBC’s The Apprentice! On last night’s episode, the remaining four contestants were challenged to write, direct, produce, and star in their own segments selling Isaac Mizrahi products on the QVC shopping channel. How did they do? Who got eliminated? We’ve got all the details!

After surviving last week’s boardroom elimination, Liza joins Brandy, Clint, and Steuart in the lobby. But before the final four contestants can relax, Donald Trump comes out to let them know that the teams will be shuffled up for the remainder of the competition–now it’s men vs. women (again).

The teams are then sent to Westchester, PA for a challenge that requires them to create and star in their own segments selling Isaac Mizrahi products on QVC.

At QVC, the teams negotiate to determine which Isaac Mizrahi products they’ll be selling and in what time slot. In an attempt to trick the women into giving them both the product and time slot they want, Clint, the project manager, offers to let the ladies have the first pick of the time slot if the men can have the first pick of the products.

Liza, also project manager, accepts, and chooses the earlier time slot, leaving the guys with the spot they wanted to begin with. After pretending that they wanted to sell the watches, the men instead choose to sell the purses, and Brandy realizes that she and Liza have been hustled.

The women work to develop a good price point for the watch. They settle on $69.95, realizing that they’ll have to sell 3 watches for every purse the men sell in order to win.

Clint and Steuart also have a hard time agreeing on a price for the purse, but end up settling on $194.97, after Clint insists that they stay under $200.

After deciding that Brandy will be the on-air presenter for their team since she identifies with the network’s key demographic, Liza starts to get overwhelmed with the project, and interrupts Brandy’s rehearsal to continuously have her move a sign that she feels is out of place.

During their five-minute segment, Lisa talks in Brandy’s ear through an invisible headset, giving her cues, but Brandy eventually stops listening to Liza’s confusing directions, and improvises instead.

At the end of their segment, Liza is worried about how things turned out, and realizes that it’s all up to the shoppers to actually decide to buy the watches.

Steuart and Clint, having had more time to prepare, just as they planned, begin their segment, with Steuart on camera selling the purses almost effortlessly.

After the challenge, Trump asks Isaac Mizrahi how he felt the two teams did. Though he agrees both on-air presenters performed very well, Isaac isn’t that happy with either of the team’s pricing, feeling that the ladies priced the watch too low, and the men set the purse at too high of a price.

In the boardroom, Trump asks Liza about her decision to put Brandy on air. When Liza explains that race was the determining factor, Trump agrees that while sad, it was probably the right thing to do business-wise.

Catherine Roman asks the men to divulge their negotiation strategy and Steuart happily explains how they outsmarted the women, but in the end, they know it all comes down to who sold the highest amount.

The women ended up selling 77 watches and making a profit of $2,998.38, with the men selling just 25 handbags and making  $2,174.25 in profit. The ladies start to congratulate one another, but the celebration is stopped short when Trump reveals that two people will be fired!

The ladies are sent to the lobby while Clint and Steuart are left to face The Donald and defend everything from their decisions during the challenge, to their educational backgrounds.

After some discussion, Trump decides that it’s Steuart that should be fired. But there’s still one more person that has to go, so the remaining three are called into the boardroom.

Who’s going to be fired next?

Tune in to the next episode of The Apprentice, which airs Dec. 2 on NBC.

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Photo Credit: NBC

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