dinsdag 30 november 2010

Happy Hunting with PUMA!

HUNT or be HUNTED! Save those tranquilizers because this is not about the Ulu Pandan Bear. You may have seen PUMA‘s latest holiday campaign along the Orchard Road underpass – like I did. What’s that all about? First, you can get spotted wearing your PUMA gear by the roving wolf-heads around town for exclusive discounts. OR you can play this online hunt challenge by web-surfing around the maze of several web URLS (see below) for ‘the’ unique PUMA web-perience. Who knows, you may just will walk away with the grand prize of one year’s sponsorship of PUMA Gear worth $2000!

Yes, these are the wolf-heads in suits!

Don’t run away from them!

Here are the online game URLs, HAPPY HUNTING!








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