dinsdag 23 november 2010

Hautelinks: Week of 11/18/10

Haha, Dumb Tweets @ Celebrities is such a funny blog! It’s dedicated to – you guessed it – dumb tweets people send to celebrities. Poor stars!

Need a gift idea for the holiday season? Look no further than Refinery 29′s list of 50 Great Holiday Gifts Under $100. Their picks are perfect for the college budget!

Listen up, NYC college students! Our friends at Fashionista are throwing an awesome event for students interested in the fashion industry, featuring desinger like Rebecca Minkoff and Timo Wieland! Even better, it’s dirt cheap to attend, AND you’ll get a free goody bag for showing up. Click over to find out more!

Stylelist demystifies one of fall’s hottest trends: How to Wear Socks with Skirts.

Love this: Target’s Holiday music goes indie (AND it’s free to download!). Thanks, NYLON!

Have you checked out Google’s new fashion site, Boutiques.com yet? Basically, it’s a site that allows you to create your own customized “boutique” with products chosen based on your sense of style! Try it out! While you’re at it, check out the (still a work in progress) CF Boutique!

According to NYMag, Emma Watson may be collaborating on a clothing line with none other than Alberta Ferretti! Sounds interesting – are you excited to see more?

J’adore J. Crew’s fall-to-winter looks. Seriously, the brand can do no wrong.

Thinking of taking your hair a little darker for winter? Read these pro tips for raven locks first.

How to Host a Perfect Friendsgiving is a must-read if you’re planning to celebrate the holiday at school or just sans-family this year!

And, if you’re vegetarian like me (and aren’t lucky enough to be from a family of vegetarians – I know, we’re weird.), you’ll probably need these tips for surviving Thanksgiving amongst carnivores.

Check out Kate Middleton’s dress from her engagement announcement – do you think it’s royal material?

So cool: Ralph Lauren goes 4-D!

By now I’m sure you’ve probably heard that the popular alcoholic energy drink Four Loko is being banned in multiple states. Sad? Don’t worry – BuzzFeed will show you how to make your own Four Loko Homebrew. Just don’t blame us for any health effects you experience after doing this. You’ve been warned.

Before you try the homebrew recipe above, you might want to check out Crushable’s case against Four Loko. Yikes!

We all love a good pair of pumps, but these crazy shoes are even too outrageous for Lady Gaga!

This interview with the girls behind Rent the Runway is great. Just TRY not to be inspired by their story.

Might have to start doing this: The “Super Logoff” hits Facebook!

Wow! Jessica Simpson loves Mariah’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” almost as much as we do. So much, in fact, that her new Xmas single sounds just like it…?

Unfortunately, with the holiday season comes cold season… fortunately, Stylecaster shows you how to look cute, even with a cold.

We all love pumpkin spice lattes this time of year, but, um, bacon lattes?! I’ll pass.

Cosmo tells it like it is: How to Tell if a Guy is Into You (or not).

Also dating-related: We’re kinda loving The Hairpin’s list of modern pranks to play on dates, if only for the laughs. Just don’t try these at home… unless you want to get rid of a guy you’re not that into…

Marie Claire breaks down fashion inspired by the movie Burlesque, which kinda looks like a cross between Showgirls and Moulin Rouge. Are you excited for the film?

Be careful who you delete: CollegeCandy lists 5 people you should NEVER de-friend on Facebook.

It’s official: Rachel Zoe confirms she’s pregnant, over Twitter!

The Frisky lists 7 celebs they’re so over. Do you agree with the list? I have to say, I’m a little sick of Twilight mania myself. (Yes, I said it!)

Shine takes us behind the scenes at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, for a sneak peek at some of the looks!

NedHardy.com’s 32 Undeniable Truths for Mature Humans had us cracking up and nodding our heads right along with every bullet point.

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