zaterdag 20 november 2010

Jersey Shore: Angelina to Release Rap Song

After the Internet went wild over a 60-second teaser of her new rap, ‘I’m Hot,’ was leaked, Angelina Pivarnik of MTV’s Jersey Shore says that she’s now ready to release the song in its entirety. What held up the song’s release, and how did a spider almost ruin everything?! We’ve got all the details. Keep reading!

Angelina Pivarnik, who recently called it quits from MTV’s hit reality show, Jersey Shore, tried to keep her producer from releasing her rap song, ‘I’m Hot,’ because she claims that she wasn’t happy with the result of her contract negotiations.

But after the song was leaked online and instantly became a success both on the Internet and on the radio, Angelina was singing a different tune. According to the reality star’s attorney, Stephanie Ovadia, the two sides came together and were finally able to reach a mutual agreement. “The negotiations were a success and we have finalized the terms of a fair and even handed contract,” Ovadia told TMZ.

To celebrate, Pivarnik and producer, Andy Stein planned to throw a contract-signing ceremony in the middle of Times Square yesterday afternoon, but plans were ruined by a nasty little spider.

Yup–you read that correctly. Angelina was bitten in the face by a spider and was taken to the hospital to have it taken care of, putting the brakes on the contract signing. But never fear–both parties say that the contract will be signed as soon as possible so the full song can be released within the week.

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Photo Credit: MTV

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