vrijdag 19 november 2010

Let?s Dance

En pointe is on trend. We saw the germ of balletomania in the Spring collections in New York and Paris, where Hannah MacGibbon at Chloé showed bodysuits and wispy, tutulike skirts, Gilles Mendel tapped Christian Louboutin to customize shoes with ballerina ankle laces, and Cynthia Rowley borrowed her set pieces from NYCB ballet master Peter Martins. And what began on the runway is starting to take shape in the street, too. Opening Ceremony has just opened its dance-inspired Repetto shop-in-shop at its 35 Howard Street store, where pirouetting mannequins offer every variety of the classic dancers’ flat (pictured). MacGibbon’s version will hit stores, too, come spring—her brilliant vermilion model is one of the many you’ll find in our new Accessories Index when it launches next week. Don’t expect the trend to let up any time soon. The much anticipated, Rodarte-costumed ballet drama Black Swan, which has been making the festival rounds for what feels like years, finally comes to U.S. theaters in December.

Photo: Courtesy of Openign Ceremony

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