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Style.com Editors On What They?re Giving (And What They Hope To Get) This Holiday Season

This year for our holiday gift guide, we turned the reins over to ten style-setters—including Anna Dello Russo, Rachel Zoe, Mademoiselle Agnès, Sarah Rutson, and more—to ask them what they’re their wishing for (both to give and to get) this holiday season. (No watermelon hats included, for better or worse.) Their complete picks are here. But here in the office, we’ve got some decided opinions, too. To complement the chinchilla coats, Antonioni DVDs, and Pierre Hardy heels our respondents are lusting after, our own holiday picks, to gift and to receive, are below. (Friends and family members: Hint, hint.)

Dirk Standen, Editor in Chief
To get: “Drakes of London does a good traditional men’s polkadot silk scarf, but my wife just started making them in these really cool patterns as gifts for some of our friends, so I’m hoping she remembers her husband at the holidays.” (Silk scarf, about $358, www.drakes-london.com.)

To give: “My son wants a JC surfboard. Luckily, they have a decent selection at Saturdays in Soho, about the only surf store I know in New York.” (For information, visit Saturdays Surf, 31 Crosby St., NYC, www.saturdaysnyc.com.)

Nicole Phelps, Executive Editor
To get: We’re going to Vieques, Puerto Rico, for New Year’s. I’d like to rock the cutout swimsuit in look 18 from the Spring Emilio Pucci show, but since that’s not in stores yet, I’ve asked for a bottle of Escentric 03. I’m a huge fun of perfumer Geza Schoen’s Escentric Molecules scents.”

To give: “My husband has been wearing the same old puffer vest from L.L.Bean for years, and I’ve been looking for a replacement for almost as long—one that doesn’t have holes in the pockets and tears in the lining. This isn’t an exact match, but it’s close.” (L.L. Bean Puffer vest, $89, www.llbean.com.)

Marina Larroude, Senior Market Editor
To get: “I have so many items on my wish list that’s hard to settle on one. Neon colorful clutches from Hermès would be a total dream, and since they are just hitting stores in spring…But I’d also love a gift certificate for ESPA, the spa at Peninsula Hotel in New York. My colleague, senior beauty editor, Celia Ellenberg, swears they do the best massage in town. I would love to spend an entire morning having the most unique treatments.” (Hermès clutches, price on request. For more information, visit www.hermes.com.)

To give: “My daughter Gloria is too young to ask for presents, but I couldn’t resist getting her this floral Ingrid dress from the new Stella McCartney Kids line. She’ll look adorable in it on Christmas Eve—and I know if she could ask, this is what she’d ask for. Like mother, like daughter, after all.” (Stella McCartney Kids Ingrid dress, $82, www.stellamccartneykids.com.)

Matthew Schneier, News Editor
To get: “Much as it pains me to admit it, we Chosen People sort of get the short end of the aesthetic stick around the holidays—most menorahs are (Lord forgive me) kind of ugly. But I love this industrial-looking cast-iron version by Josh Owen. And on the fashion front, I recently discovered Regent Belt Company, which is keeping traditional craftsmanship alive in Northamptonshire, the seat of England’s leather industry. I’ve been dreaming about their elastic braided belt—tradition with a twist, admittedly—since I saw it.” (Menorah, $150, www.areaware.com; Regent Belt Co. belt, $75, www.chcmshop.com.)

To give: “I’d never heard of Frango Mints until a few years ago, when an old boss of mine brought them back from a trip to Chicago. Turns out they’ve got a long and storied history for a chocolate—one that involves labor disputes, American manufacturing, corporate takeovers, and a name no one can agree on the derivation of. Read all about it here—or, better yet, just eat them. They are delicious, chocolate-covered mint truffles. What’s not to love?” (Frango mints, $12.99, available exclusively at Macy’s, www.macys.com.)

Brittany Adams, Associate Fashion Editor
To get: “After glimpsing these Acne Hybria boots on many a street-style blog, my obsession has reached critical mass. The sculptural wedge gives an illusion of standing on a ledge en pointe—just make sure you don’t lean back on your heels. And by the way, I’m a size 9.” (Acne Hybria boot, $650, www.net-a-porter.com.)

To give: “This unisex Bernhard Willhelm scarf in a green and yellow tiger print (goodbye, leopard!) is fun but practical for cold months. I’d also throw in this little puzzle, because who doesn’t want a Keith Haring jigsaw?” (Bernhard Willhelm scarf, about $160, www.bernhardwillhelmshop.com; Keith Haring jigsaw puzzle, $25, www.openingceremony.us.

Leslie Steinberg, Editorial Coordinator
To get: “I love this Loewe bag—I saw it in the airport in Madrid recently and made a mental note to look into it when I was back in New York. Unfortunately it’s not available in the States, but I’m sure some crafty gift-giver could figure out how to get one over here…” (Loewe Heritage satchel, about $940, www.loewe.com.)

To give: “I decided to have custom business cards made for my boyfriend’s photography studio, and I chose the super-talented Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. to illustrate and design his new cards. I am so happy with the outcome and I think Geordie will be too—I just hope he’s not reading this right now!” (For more information, visit www.riflepaperco.com.)

Photos: Courtesy of Drakes of London; Saturdaysnyc.com; Courtesy of L.L. Bean; Courtesy of Escentric Molecules; Courtes of Hermes; Courtesy of Stella McCartney; Courtesy of Areaware; CHCMShop.com; Courtesy of Macy’s; Courtesy of Net-a-Porter; Berhnhardwillhelmshop.com; Courtesy of Opening Ceremony; Courtesy of Rifle Paper Co.; Courtesy of Loewe

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