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Survivor: Nicaragua ? Brenda & The Idol

Extinguished.  Gone.  Outplayed.  Brenda Lowe, the biggest power player on Survivor: Nicaragua fell victim to the vote.  After her elimination from the Libertad tribe, Brenda spoke with reporters on a conference call about her experience in the competition.  She was so vocal, and said so many interesting things, that her interview has been split in two parts.  In this first portion of our chat with Brenda, she reveals many thoughts about the hidden Immunity Idol and why Sash didn’t play it.

Question: Which move do you regret the most?

Brenda Lowe: Definitely letting NaOnka have the Immunity Idol.  I could have absolutely found it by myself.  I tried to find it in the middle of the night when nobody was there — not even the cameras.  I couldn’t find it.  When we found it, it was the crack of dawn.  I think I still had eye boogers in my eyes.  We had literally just rolled out of the shelter.  Alina had her eyes on us the whole time.  It was like do or die.  We either get it now or we never get it.  It was getting to that point where either Alina and Kelly B. were gonna find it, or obviously me and NaOnka.  Everyone knew we had the clue.  It was an obvious thing in the tribe.  I wanted her (NaOnka) to have the target instead of me.  I already had a target on my back.  So for her to have it, and my alliance had it, I felt like I had it. …

Question: At Tribal Council, Jeff Probst made a big deal about the word “scrambling.”  What exactly did you do before Tribal to try and save yourself?

Brenda Lowe: The only thing that I could have done, and this was my strategy, the only people who could save me are the people who I looked at from the beginning of the game — Chase and Sash.  Let’s get very very real here.  Everybody else wanted me gone.  Long gone.  The only people who were going to save me was my alliance.  I just kept engraving in their head as hard as I could, “These people are targeting you by targeting me.  They’re taking out your main alliance. …  They take out me, what does that say to you?”  I kept telling them, “I’m loyal.  I’m loyal.  I’m loyal to you guys.  I’m with you.”  I wanted to show them that to the very last second.  “I am with you.  I am not outing NaOnka.  I am not messing up your game.  I’m not letting everyone know she has a hidden Immunity Idol.  I’m not doing anything like that.  I’m not giving up on you guys.”  That was my fight.  I’m showing them, “Look.  In front of Jeff (Probst), in front of all these people, I am still fighting to be with you guys.”  I wanted Sash to be inspired to give me the hidden Immunity Idol, and I wanted him to trust me again. …

I hate the way it looks.  I hate the way it looks like I didn’t care, and I just gave up.  It’s a bunch of bullshit.  I don’t like to cuss, but that’s the only word that it is — a bunch of bullshit.  I had an intelligent strategy behind it, and I obviously couldn’t explain myself like this in the middle of a Tribal Council.

Question: Going into Tribal Council did you know Sash wasn’t going to give you the Idol?  Did the fact that he didn’t change your opinion of him?

Brenda Lowe: No it didn’t change my opinion about him because we’re both kind of the same players.  I probably wouldn’t have done it either if I had to save myself.  Take the risk, save it for myself and see what happens in the next Tribal Council.  I probably would have done that, too.  Because you’re giving up something so huge in the game — an Immunity Idol.  I respect what he did.  I don’t feel anything bad about it.  About going into Tribal Council wondering if he was giving it to me, that was my hope, that was my strategy, and that’s why I didn’t scramble.  I held onto that hope. …

Question: Right before Jeff revealed the vote, you, Sash and Chase all kind of exchanged looks.  Was that you trying to get Sash to take out the Idol and give it to you?

Brenda Lowe: It was a last hope.  The glances didn’t really happen that way.  But yeah, I was definitely definitely definitely just praying that something would happen and Sash would be like, “I want to go with Brenda.  I want to keep her, I want to keep numbers.  I want to stick with the alliance.”  But that didn’t happen.  Obviously.

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