dinsdag 23 november 2010

Sustainable Fashion PR: Eairth

With the craving for purity in the fashion world, Melissa Dizon wanted to create a fresh, organic and eco-friendly take to design… and with this desire, Eairth was born.

Eairth, a name combination of earth and air, is a truly unique clothing line that draws its inspiration from nature and an effortless, free state of mind. During a surfing vacation, Dizon fell in love with Filipino culture that in return served as a muse for her line in 2007. Her first collection utilized organic elements harvested by native tribes, pigments from natural coconut husk, talisay leaves and indigo, as well as hand-woven fabrics and organic fibers.

Dizon believes in the beauty of mixing primitive resources with the modern looks we all know and love. Dizon does not back her line on current trends. Instead the artful appearance of the clothing’s natural draping and construction creates a new classic all on its own.

The result is abstract clothing that exemplifies serenity and a calm, mature design. She describes her line as being designed for men and women, young or old, as long as you are in tune with what is pure in the world. The eco-friendly line is very relaxed and comfortable and gives off a fun, carefree essence. It represents a tranquil harmony of art, innocence and people.

The most recent collection consists of many loose fitting articles of clothing. The draping look to the clothes compliments the natural, wholesome scenery of the world- of peaceful ocean waves and airy, light days. Eairth helps wearers better relate to the genuine, untainted elements of nature.

Visit www.eairth.ph to view Eairth’s present and past collections. You will also find a list of retailers carrying the line worldwide.

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