vrijdag 26 november 2010

The Winter Hook-Up: Stocking Stuffers for Happy Toes

It was like an early Christmas gift when I received a package of mostly all eco-friendly, safe winter goodies (thanks to Ashworth Associates) to help keep toes toasty and dry when the freeze hits!

Little Hotties Warmers for hands, feet and toes are little air activated pouches that provide up to 8 hours of heat in your mitts or boots…I had thought of buying those electric boots but Little Hotties are definitely a way cheaper alternative – a great idea for skiing or hiking – and claim to be all natural! (around $2/pack – avail all over incl. Zellers, Walmart)

You might have seen something like this – the YAKTRAX straps that transform your everyday winter footwear into heavy-duty traction control! There is even a YAKTRAX for Her that will go over heels! (about $20 – avail at Sporting Life and other sports stores)

I can’t wait to try this Granger’s G-Max Footwear Waterproofer on my leather boots. It claims to waterproof leather, suede and fabric whilst remaining environmentally-responsible. ($10 available at many sports stores including Mountain Equipment Co-op and Coast Mountain Sports)

My favorite cozy product is one of things that Oprah might put on her list – a cute little gift for all your girlfriends – the Airplus Spa Footie. Like moisturizing indoor slippers, the sock-like Spa Footie somehow relaxes feet and keeps them warm! ($6 at pharmacies and department stores)

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