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The Amazing Race: Chad And Stephanie Dish On The Race & Chad?s Temper

Chad and Stephanie were an unforgettable pair on The Amazing Race.  Chad made the pair notorious with his temper constantly flaring up.  However, they put aside their bickering ways and became engaged while in the Middle East during a leg of the race.  Chad showed us his sentimental side when he presented Stephanie with a ring that belonged to his mother, who had recently passed away.  The pair discussed getting engaged on the race, facing a double U-Turn, and of course, Chad’s temper.

Question:  Whose idea was it to try out for The Amazing Race?

Stephanie: It’s a funny story, actually. I tried out with my girlfriend a year ago and we were first alternates. So I called CBS trying to get my passport back because they held onto it in case a team dropped out and they could replace us immediately. So when I called, they asked me how I was doing and they wanted me to go on the race with Chad. I was hesitant at first but it was definitely the right choice.

Question: Were there any teams that stuck out to you initially on the race as your biggest threat or competition?

Stephanie: When we first started the race, we thought Ron and Tony were going to be a huge threat. We really hit it off with them, and then they ended up getting eliminated first.

Chad: It really showed how evident that it was any-body’s game.

Question: Did you work with any of the teams along the way?

Stephanie: The race is so unpredictable. It’s hard to have a strategy and you can’t plan on getting the directions you need, too. We had a good relationship with Jill and Thomas and with Gary and Mallory, but I think we were all really kind to each other on this race.

Question: Chad, you said you were planning on proposing to Stephanie on the race. What made you chose Oman as the place to do it?

Chad: I didn’t have a plan as far as where I was going to do it, though I really wanted to do it on the mat with Phil. When we landed in Oman, Stephanie was so floored and really excited to be in the Middle East and she was talking about how she always wanted to go to Egypt, and then we found out that we wouldn’t be racing again until the next morning, so I couldn’t have asked for a better time. So as the sun came up, I decided I’d do it.

Question: Stephanie, did the team dynamic change at all after you were engaged as opposed to before?

Stephanie: It did sort of change out attitude! it goes to show that being positive, working together, feeling united makes a huge difference. That was one thing that was struggled with in the beginning and that leg could not have ended any better. Not only were we shocked we won, we almost thought we were in last when we got to the mat.

Chad: It was definitely great! I think proposing to Stephanie and us being engaged, it brought us closer to becoming one, you know? From that point on, it wasn’t about me or about her, it was about us, and that made a big difference.

Question: Were you mad when you found out there were earlier flights?

Chad: I got an earful!

Stephanie: Yeah, he got an earful from me because I wanted to stay and Chad was hungry. I just trusted Chad. We were just glad to know that we were still in it against Brook and Claire, and Nat and Kat. When you’re at the airport, it’s so stressful. You only see five minutes of it on TV, but we were trying to get better tickets for three hours and it was frustrating — not just for us, but for the people who were trying to get us flights. You have to weigh your options: Do you want to be stressed and potentially ruin your game mentally? Or do you want to relax and prepare for the next leg?

Question: Had there been no double U-Turn, are you confident that you’d still be in the race?

Chad: Oh yeah, we would have beat both those teams if we hadn’t gotten U-Turned. We were moving much faster than both of them.

Stephanie: And at the very beginning of the leg, we got bad directions and it carried through the rest of the tasks.

Question: Are you upset with Nat & Kat for U-Turning you?

Stephanie: Nat and Kat played their cards well, you know? If it would have been us, we would have done the same thing. No hard feelings here, because it’s a game and they had to do what they had to do.

Question: Chad, why did you decide to taunt Nat and her medical degree?

Chad: Well, we caught her, so I was like, “OK, this is it! I’ve got to throw all my chips in, so let me try to get in her head as best as I can.” She’s a very intelligent person-both of them are-I mean, they’re doctors! She was really struggling and really frustrated that she had been there the longest and two teams who were U-Turned caught up. I tried to slow her up even more. You saw that she said “good luck” afterward. I said “good luck” too. I know how it is. It was nothing personal, but I was going to try to slow her up so Stephanie could gain some ground.

Question: You got engaged on the race. Congratulations! What did you have to say to fans who think you argued too much?

Stephanie: Thanks! We actually got married this weekend.

Chad: It’s funny. Stephanie and I are very strong-willed individuals. At the end of the day, we never go to bed angry. I learned a lot about myself. I know that there are some things I need to change — and people are right. But I love her with all my heart. She is my soul mate and we’re going to continue to work on it. No relationship’s perfect.

Question: What is the biggest thing you took away from running The Amazing Race together?

Stephanie: Culturally it was so enlightening and we really appreciated it. It’s kind of a bug now, we want to travel everywhere. We were like that before, but we’re even worse now and trying to explain to everyone how great it is to travel the world isn’t easy when they haven’t do it themselves.

Chad: Personally, I definitely learned not to try and force Stephanie into doing anything and that I need to work together with Stephanie to make decisions and to let her make some of them herself. Once we started doing that, we got a lot further in the game, and I’m still working on not coming off as brash.

Stephanie: It was kind of like international couples therapy!

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