zaterdag 4 december 2010

The Bachelor: Bob Guiney and The Band From TV Release Hoggin? All The Covers Unleashed!

Who can forget The Bachelor’s Bob Guiney, who parlayed his appearance on the ABC reality series into a permanent gig on the Game Show Network, married a soap star, and now is a member of The Band From TV. Guiney is a vocalist in the band, which has released a new album, Hoggin’ All the Covers Unleashed. Read on for details…

The Band From TV released their latest album, Hoggin’ All the Covers Unleashed just this month.  The Bachelor’s Bob Guiney features in the band as a vocalist, along with Bonnie Somerville from television’s The Ugly Truth.  The other members of the band are: James Denton (Mike from Desperate Housewives), who plays guitar and pitches in on vocals,  Hugh Laurie, the star of House, who plays keyboards, piano, and also vocals, and Greg Grunberg (Heroes, Love Bites) on drums.  The new release is a collection of cover songs and is a concert album.

Included with the CD is a DVD with live footage, interviews and the like, as well as a booklet.  Songs covered on the album include such hits as Piece of My Heart, Lean on Me, Mustang Sally, and Shake Your Tailfeather – just to give an idea of what to expect.

Much of the funds raised by sales of Hoggin’ the Covers Unleashed will go to charities, including The Conservation Fund, Save the Children, and The Epilepsy Foundation just to name a few.  The CD is currently available online.

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Photo Source: The Band From TV

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