zaterdag 25 december 2010

Celebrity Fashion Fragrance PR: Gwen Stefani w/ Harajuku Lovers


Gwen Stefani is at it again. Previously, her ever-popular Harajuku Lovers fragrances have featured Snow Bunnies and Sunshine Cuties limited edition scents. As of September 2010 she’s launched the newest collection, Wicked Style, sure to be a hit amongst the quirky niche of followers.

Wicked Style fragrances were inspired by Tokyo street style, but more specifically by the style seen on Takeshita Dori. This narrow street in downtown Tokyo is lined with shops and boutiques that are quintessentially Harajuku. The trendy girls who frequent this street are known for blending varying colors, accessories, and styles (though mostly punk-inspired) to create a completely unique look.

Wicked Style fragrances are modeled after this concept of individuality, slightly altering the 5 original fragrances to create new versions that are distinct in both style and scent:

LOVE – A light perfume described as a “fruity floral” with a woody drydown. The perfume bottle, “Sweet Lolita”, is influenced by Rococo styles that feature knee high socks and knee-length dresses. LIL ANGEL –The “Gothic Lolita” bottle looks far from angelic, drawing inspiration from gothic fashion. The scent is a sparkling floral with notes of Rose, Plum, and Champagne.

G – G is the most fashion-forward of the designs. The Omotesando Girl draws inspiration from cutting-edge styles and the hottest trends. The scent blends Granny Smith Apple with Peach Pineapple and has notes of peony and musk.

MUSIC – An homage to Visual Kei, a movement among Japanese musicians that’s evocative of punk rock style. This woody floral perfume has top and mid notes of apple and gardenia with an amber drydown.

BABY – Inspired by Decora, a style that based upon pastel colors and furry accessories, this vanilla scent is sure to please those who favor femininity.

On the Harajuku Lovers website, you can create your own style just like the real Harajuku girls of Tokyo. You’ll have control over the doll name, hair color, shoes, and clothing. Once you’re finished, browse through other user’s wicked designs and compare your creativity.

Each fragrance from the Wicked Style collection is available in both 10 and 30 ml eau de toilettes. The perfumes retail for $30-$45 on, or visit and begin creating your own wicked style and learn more about the style inspiration.

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