donderdag 23 december 2010

Fash-Icon: Asha Puthli

Last night, I met the legendary Asha Puthli – an Indian-born singer, songwriter, producer and actress – famed for her avant-garde, fusion brand of jazz, blues and electronic music with a little Asian flavour. She is the first Indian artist to record in English – that’s definitely ‘something’. I have never heard of Asha Puthli until two weeks ago – after last night, I’m a convert. Her enchanting, silky voice absolutely gives me the chills – in a good, trippy way. Her style is glamorous, fashion-forward and eclectic – a fashion icon in the 70s and a headliner at Studio 54. A-list designers such as Michaele Vollbracht & Manolo Blahnik dressed Asha back in the days. She also models for famous photographers like Andy Warhol. Are you as intrigued as I am?

Her most famous album to date – “The Devil is Loose”

A classic performance by Asha Puthli of “The Devil is Loose” at Festival di Sanremo 1978.

CRINOLINiS skin looseer airbrush makeup kanebo sensai

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