donderdag 9 december 2010

Lingerie Photographer For A Day? Well, If You Insist?

Araks lingerie already has plenty of famous fans, Sarah Jessica Parker and Scarlett Johansson (who wore Araks in Lost in Translation) among them. But for her latest look book, designer Araks Yeramyan enlisted a few famous collaborators, too. “The thought of shooting a look book with makeup and hair, that kind of irked me,” she admitted last night at a dinner to celebrate the finished product. “I wanted to find someone who’s not a photographer to shoot.” Yeramyan ended up reaching out to a group of friends, fans, and supporters, including Julie Gilhart (until recently, the fashion director of Barneys), T’s Sally Singer, menswear designer Robert Geller, The Last Magazine’s Magnus Berger, and stylist Heathermary Jackson. “People who understood the brand enough that I could give them no direction and they would get it,” she said.

The result ranges from intimate tableaux (Geller shot his designer/showroom owner wife, Ana Lerario, in bed) to staged still-life scenes (Gilhart’s pics, above, of Araks lingerie on walls and fences). And though she’s pleased with the results, letting go of creative control wasn’t easy. “Oh my God, I was so nervous,” Yeramyan said. “I couldn’t fail people! What if they came back with a bad photo, what am I going to tell them?” Luckily enough, no one did. To celebrate that achievement, Gilhart hosted a dinner at The Smile, with Singer, Berger, and Geller (just off the plane from Brazil, where he and Lerario christened their baby daughter) all in attendance.

We had to wonder: Did her long experience in lingerie design (she began her company in 2000) give Yermyan a sixth sense about people’s undergarments—X-ray vision, if you will? “I can’t tell what people are wearing,” she admitted with a laugh. “But I can tell what size they are—I don’t know why lingerie stores have to measure, you can just look and tell. And you can tell if they’re wearing the right type of bra or not.”

Dare we ask? “Mostly they’re not.”

—Matthew Schneier

Photo: Julie Gilhart/Courtesy of Araks

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