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The Millionaire Matchmaker: Jordan Osher on his Matchmaking Experience

Jordan Osher, the millionaire behind Meet the Famous, a photography agency specializing in celebrity images, knew that he needed help when it came to finding the ideal woman for him, so he turned to Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger. In an interview with Popeater.com, Osher dished about his experience on the show (which aired last night), and whether or not he found the love he was looking for.

PopEater.com: Why turn to ‘The Millionaire Matchmaker’?

Osher: I’m a big fan and figured it would be a cool and unique experience to not only meet [Patti Stanger], but also have her try and set me up on national television.

PopEater.com: Was Patti as aggressive in real life as she seems on TV?

Osher: Nothing is staged and she is exactly as she appears on TV. She either likes you or she hates you. There’s not much room in between. The first time I met Patti was at my apartment [and] the cameras were rolling. She’s really funny, [she] has some great one-liners both on and off camera and looks great in person.

PopEater.com: How much control over your date did you have?

Osher: I had total control. The producers obviously wanted me to plan something that was fun for viewers to watch. I wanted to do something I’ve never done before, so I had Michael Fazio, of an amazing concierge company called Abigail Michaels, help me plan my date.

PopEater.com: So, in the end, was it a perfect match? Did you continue to date after the episode filmed?

Osher: I am extremely picky, so I was definitely skeptical of Patti being able to find me a girl that I would really like. But she proved me wrong. I went out with an amazing girl on the show and we continued to date for a couple months. In the long run, it wasn’t a “perfect” match, but I had a great time while it lasted.

PopEater.com: Do you think Patti’s rules (no sex until it’s monogamous, etc.) actually work? Or are they too old fashioned?

Osher: I think it depends on the person. It works for someone like me because it takes a lot of the pressure off in the beginning.

PopEater.com: Patti gets a lot of heat for her role as a matchmaker but not being married herself. Did that ever cross your mind?

Osher: Not at all. People always make a big deal about her “not being married.” I wasn’t looking to double date Patti, I was looking for her to set me up with a “perfect match.” The bottom line is that she’s an amazing matchmaker and gives great advice.

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Photo credit: Bravo

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