zaterdag 4 december 2010

Paws for the Cause: Industry Folk & Their Pooches Hit the Catwalk

This is so cool – I heard about this fundraiser for the OSPCA (Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) but didn’t realize that a heap of Toronto fashion faces from reporters to designers would be hitting the ‘catwalk’ with their pets!

Held October 28, 2010, Olympus Paws for the Cause kicked-off with a runway presentation featuring 10 Canadian fashion designers who clothed 10 precious pups and 10 familiar faces from Toronto.

(all photos from the Olympus Facebook fansite – photographers Marcus Kan, Phil Birnbaum and Ryan Emberley)

The Beckerman dog, Cubby in a Chanel bag doggy-costume | Amy Verner and Chloe for Roots | Keshia Chante and Dre (in Pet Valu) for Andy-The-Anh | Mosha Lundstrom-Halbert and Otis in Tavan Mitto | Anna Cyzon and Rocky in Ashley Rowe | Andrew Sardone and Brady in Philip Sparks

bridal makeup mizaani reevloon coosmeetics sooloon oond dooy spoo

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