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Survivor: History Of Quitters

After the disappointing moment struck with NaOnka Mixon and “Purple Kelly” Shinn choosing to quit Survivor: Nicaragua, it brought up memories of those who quit before them.  Do you remember how many others quit the game?  Read on for the complete history of those who quit throughout the 21 seasons of Survivor.

The title of first quitter goes to Osten Taylor of the Morgan tribe from season seven — Survivor: Pearl Islands.  His desire to quit was very obvious for quite some time before Osten’s torch became the first ever placed on the ground at Tribal Council.  Osten quit the game as the Outcast twist arrived when two of the first six players eliminated from the competition were voted back in.  Osten claimed his body was done.  “Every bone in my body hurts,” Osten said before making Survivor history.  Probst was very upset with Osten’s decision as he snuffed out the torch and set it on the ground.  “With all due respect to Osten, people work too damn hard to get in this game and fight to stay alive,” Probst says.  “If he wants to lay his torch down, so it shall be.”

Season eight brought us Survivor: All-Stars, which featured two quitters.  As the three tribes arrived at the beach for a challenge, Survivor: The Amazon winner, Jenna Morasca, broke down in tears saying she felt like it was time for her to leave the game.  She was concerned about her mother’s diminishing health as she was back at home battling cancer.  “I have a lot to lose being here, like my mom,” Jenna expressed in a confessional.  “That’s a constant issue with me.  I’m wondering if I should have left again.  She’s had cancer for a long time, and she’s not better.  I’m just afraid that she might pass away while I’m here.”  As tears flowed, a boat arrived and took Jenna off the island.  She arrived home just eight days before her mother passed away.

Not long after, Susan Hawk, the infamous villain from the original season, erupted in anger and quit the game shortly before a challenge was set to begin.  She furiously screamed at Probst for something that happened at a previous challenge in which nude co-contestant Richard Hatch made an inappropriate action.  Even though Richard had already been voted off, Sue decided she couldn’t stick around much longer.

Survivor: Palau, season 10, brought us the first quitter to ever make the jury — Janu Tornell.  As Stephenie LaGrossa came to the Koror tribe as the last person left from Ulong, she was certainly going to be the next person eliminated.  But at Tribal Council, Janu expressed her desire to leave the game and gave Stephenie a free pass.  Some could argue that earlier in the season both Ashlee Ashby and Jeff Wilson — both of the Ulong tribe — quit the game, too.  But their decisions weren’t as tainted as some of the other quitters.

Looking at Survivor: Fiji no on-air participants actually quit the game, but one person did decide to drop out just one day before the game began.  That’s why Fiji, the 14th season, started with 19 castaways instead of the expected 20.

Survivor: Micronesia — Fans Vs. Favorites, season 16, brought us a pair of quitters.  Jonny Fairplay, who was a big villain during Survivor: Pearl Islands, returned to the game and left producers extremely disappointed.  He was the first person voted off the show after expressing concern about his pregnant girlfriend back home.  While Fairplay may argue he never quit, Probst disagrees.  Last January when I interviewed Probst at the Survivor 10th anniversary celebration, he blasted Fairplay’s weak decision.  “We screwed up,” Probst says.  “We shouldn’t have taken him, but we made the call.  How can you not have him on?  And he showed us why we should never use him again.  He’s a quitter.  And if we ever do Survivor: Quitter — well I won’t be here if we do that show — but he’ll be the first one on, because he is now the poster boy for quit.”

Later on in that same season, Kathy Sleckman left the competition after breaking down emotionally. On day 19 Kathy was very upset saying she tried to feel her family’s vibes back home, but couldn’t do it.  She was brought to tears.  Despite the efforts of others trying to convince her otherwise, Kathy continued to sob and said that all she wanted was a boat to come and pick her up and take her away.  Her wish was granted.

Then this season — Survivor: Nicaragua.  NaOnka Mixon and “Purple Kelly” Shinn chose to quit the game at the same impromptu Tribal Council.  Both of the women were tired of the weather and ready to be done with the game.  These quitters left a special sore spot with fans because both of them have now made the jury, which is the result of Janu’s precedent, according to Probst.

As Survivor: Nicaragua winds down quickly, I don’t anticipate any more players to quit the game.

Who will outwit, outplay and outlast all the others to take home the $1 million prize?  The finale comes on Sunday, December 19.

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