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Survivor: Nicaragua ? Man In The Middle

From the bottom of the ladder to a man with power, Sash found himself a coveted player on tonight’s episode of Survivor: Nicaragua.  Sash had lost his allies Brenda, NaOnka and “Purple Kelly” at the last few Tribal Councils basically leaving him alone strategically.  But suddenly he found himself in a very powerful position as the odd man stuck between two solid alliances split down the middle with Dan, Fabio and Benry on one side against Chase, Holly and Jane.  Who did he choose to align with?  Read on to find out!

Wrong Choice

At the Reward Challenge, the castaways competed in a series of elements from previous challenges.  Chase dominated the competition and easily won the Reward, which consisted of a trip to a private resort with a feast and showers.  Host Jeff Probst told Chase he needed to pick two people to join him.  Without any hesitation, Chase selected Holly and Jane.  That decision left Sash behind with the other alliance of Fabio, Benry and Dan.

Bad choice.

Back at camp, Sash took the opportunity to talk about the future of the game with the rest of the guys.  Dan thought it was simple saying they should all join together and go to the final four as one.  Simple.  But Sash didn’t think it was that easy since he didn’t think anybody had been open with him thus far regarding their strategy.

At the Reward, the trio enjoyed some drinks and marveled over their accommodations.  As Jane was in the shower, Chase yelled for Holly to join him for a quick chat.  He told her that he made the wrong choice in bringing Jane along on the Reward because it left Sash behind with the other alliance.  Holly agreed and thought they were now in danger that Sash cut a deal with the guys back at camp.

Tears & Fears

Back at camp Jane cried that the chicken had been killed when she was away enjoying the Reward.  She made a makeshift grave for Kelly-Nay, which was the name the group gave to the chicken in honor of the two quitters, “Purple Kelly” Shinn and NaOnka Mixon.  Jane felt the group had plenty of rice to eat with no immediate reason for killing the chicken.  Her tears quickly switched to strategy when she, Chase and Holly made an agreement to work on cutting a deal with Sash.

Benry was starting to express concern that he was going to be targeted for the next elimination.  So he asked Chase if he should be worried.  Chase tried to ease Benry’s worries saying Jane was an obvious target for elimination because she’s a tough person to beat in the final vote.

Plan Hatches

Chase admitted to Sash he regretted not taking him on the Reward, but turned it around saying he also did that to show how much he trusted him to come back to camp with the other guys.  Sash asked Chase if he would promise not to vote him out of the game with a guarantee that he would take him the finals.  Chase quickly agreed.  Just like that, a deal was struck.

The Immunity Challenge featured two rounds with only Benry, Sash and Fabio making it to the second part.  The first to solve a complicated puzzle of gold coins would take home the security necklace.  Benry and Fabio were each stumped by the puzzle, which left Sash easily victorious.

Sash said in confessional that he was only using 70 percent of his ability in many of the challenges to try and mask the signs that he is a threat.  With Tribal Council looming, Sash and Chase were telling Dan and Benry they were planning to vote out Fabio.  To hide their plan, Benry was told to tell Fabio they were voting out Holly instead.  Benry sold the “plan” to Fabio, which actually worked.

Threatening Players

At Tribal Council, the biggest discussion surrounded those considered to be physical threats.  The tribe agreed that Chase, Fabio and Benry were all the strongest players, which had each of them concerned this put targets on their backs.  Sash said having Immunity made a big difference because he was a safe swing vote that each of the two alliances needed to further their position.  When the votes were read, jaws dropped as one vote fell against Holly, two votes against Fabio and the rest against Benry.  As Probst announced the final vote, Benry was truly surprised that he had been blindsided.  Fabio was visibly stunned by the outcome as well.  Their alliance had been fooled.

That leaves just six contestants in the competition with two episodes remaining, which includes the finale on Sunday, December 19.

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