maandag 17 januari 2011

Christophe For Kanye, Honeysuckle Rising, And Tom And Helen Sound Off?

In case you missed it earlier this week, rumor has it Balmain is designing a custom wardrobe for Kanye West (left, at Paris fashion week) to wear on tour. We’re looking forward to a season of bedazzled military jackets and megalomaniacal proclamations of supremacy. [Hint]

Pantone today announced its colors of the year for 2011, and topping the list is Pantone 18-2120, a reddish pink called Honeysuckle. So long, Turquoise, 2010 Color of the Year—it’s been fun. [Pantone]

Today in quotable hell-raisers, part 1: “I watch straight porn all the time. If I go on my computer, there’s a button that can connect me to all the sites I look at most often, and they’re all porn—and Porn and antiques!” —Tom Ford [Huffington Post]

Today in quotable hell-raisers, part 2: “Women control $20 trillion in consumer spending, so how about a bit of goddamn respect?” —Helen Mirren, who also had a few choice things to say about the proclivities (and, uh, private areas) of Hollywood’s favorite 18-to-25 male demographic. [WWD]

Photo: Courtesy of Givenchy

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