maandag 17 januari 2011

Handbag & Accessory PR w/ Aigner

Hungarian-born Etienne Aigner has worked amongst fashion royalty. After designing handbags for Christian Dior, the European leather vendor took a leap of faith and moved to America in hopes of creating his own line. Aigner’s mastery of design was hard to ignore, and his fine leather goods and distinct style have made a lasting impression.

The collection includes all styles, ranging from crossbody bags to large totes. While the bags are well-crafted, the collections are a bit simplistic. The company recognizes that Aigner handbags might not appeal to younger consumers, which is why the New Stella collection to be released this month appeals to a more contemporary crowd. Described as the “perfect everyday bag,” the purses come in bold, rich colors accented by the traditional hardware and Aigner logo.

To celebrate Aigner’s 60th anniversary, they’ve launched a Vintage collection that’s reminiscent of the most popular styles from the ‘60s and ‘70s. The Redux tote is a fabulous little structured bag, featuring vintage gold hardware that perfectly accents the deep burgundy leather. If you really love the collection, share you best “Aigner vintage story” and you’ll have a chance to win one of the bags!

The late Aigner’s legacy has expanded to include not only handbags, but wallets and jewelry as well. The wallets come in an array of sizes, ranging from the tiny fold-over French Purse to the Olivia clutch, classic leather checkbook with plenty of space for credit cards. The jewelry collection features large stones in varying colors – my favorite piece is a chunky black bracelet from the Jet collection.

Aigner bags retail in the range of $88 to $200, but many items are currently on sale for as low as $20. Visit to browse the collections.

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