donderdag 13 januari 2011

hansel 7th Birthday & Store Opening at Mandarin Gallery

hansel is 7!

It was a double celebration at hansel‘s new store (#02-14) opening at Mandarin Gallery yesterday – hansel‘s 7th birthday and of course, a new store! Congratulations to Angel for winning the limited edition tee and also an invite to the VIP + Media Preview Party on Friday, 3 Dec. hansel’s new collection, “Lily the Lady” is all about lace and scallop prints. I absolutely heart the collection – it’s feminine with the hansel‘s signature quirk. Designer Jo Soh announced the winners for the Facebook contest and also made a little cute speech at the store opening. Scroll down for more pictures from the event:

A special 20% discount for the special guests.

I love the scallop print dress! The store looks adorable with the sketches.

Designer Jo Soh presented the winners their prizes.

Qin from Qin At The Disco and Dottie from D for Dot.

Here’s the interior of the store.


The “Lily the Lady” collection.

A special collaboration necklace: hansel + Goldilocks.

The Polaroid wall.

Cute accessories for sale!

A statement necklace.

images: fash-eccentric

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