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Hautelinks: Week of 1/20/11

Statistics have proved what many of us already knew: Facebook is a global phenomenon. It’s really interesting to see all the info laid out like that – really puts it in perspective!

We’re obsessed with iVillage’s Style Pile feature – celebs, staff, and members “share their favorite things” with pics and descriptions. It’s a style and beauty showcase!

If you need to do some last-minute textbook shopping, check out these tips from the NY Times.

Have you seen the new Hello Kitty for Sephora line yet? It’s so cute! Perfect if you’re a HK fan or just love all things cute.

Refinery 29 lists three new eyeliner tips for you to experiment with – fun!

For more on switching up your eye makeup for spring, see BellaSugar’s list of ways to wear Spring’s hottest makeup shades!

Unless you decided to cut yourself off from technology and civilization over the last week, I’m sure you’ve already heard about the change in the zodiac signs. However, be rest assured that you’re still a Virgo, not a Libra.

Think you can’t make anything good in your dorm microwave? Three words: Microwave. Chocolate. Cake.

Dust off your indestructible bracelets: MAC’s Wonder Woman cosmetics line is launching February 10th in the United States and internationally in March.

5 Things I Wish I Had Figured Out in College, from The Gloss, dispenses some solid advice.

Here are five stylish, though not necessarily practical, ways to be fashionable at the gym.

Everyone owns a debit card these days, but do you know the potential risks of using one? Lifehacker lists the reasons NOT to choose debit over credit…

Love this: Proenza Schouler, one of our favorite fashion houses, finally scored their first Vogue cover!

If you’re a movie freak (like most of us), you’ll love this list of 10 Sundance films to see in theaters soon.

And if you love movies AND trivia, see: 6 famous movies with mind-blowing hidden meanings. Crazy.

We loved Elle’s Out of Character feature, which has some of your favorite TV stars rocking their own personal looks for a series of stylized photo shoots.

Also Elle-related: Joe Zee’s new reality show has officially been announced.

Whether you loved or hated it, I know you all had opinions about January Jones’ Golden Globes dress. Would you have liked it better in its original runway color, or do you prefer the red?

And while we discussed Golden Globe Fashion, what about hair?! Get the scoop from Real Beauty’s list of bests and worsts.

WWD did a great feature on everyone’s fave Hollywood stylist, Rachel Zoe, and her upcoming line AND baby bump!

The Budget Fashionista lists ten fashion must-haves for 2011.

This will come in handy come finals week: Starbucks unveils a new 31 oz size for iced teas and coffees. Make sure to check out this infographic to see how big it really is, too!

On a related note, see: 31 Things You Can Do with a 31 Ounce Coffee, from CollegeCandy. Ha!

Only 55% of students learn things in college? Um, what?

If you own sheepskin boots like Uggs, you’ll want to read this ASAP. They could potentially harm your health!

The Power of the Cyberimage, via the NYTimes, discusses the blending of technology and fashion – something we’ll definitely get used to seeing more of in the years to come!

People StyleWatch reveals the secret to Taylor Swift’s perfect curls.

And another one from People StyleWatch: Beauty tricks inspired by the starlets of the Golden Globes!

If you’ve been to a drugstore candy section within the past few weeks, you undoubtedly know that Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching. Not attached this year? YourTango has a list of 7 Single Gal Valentine’s Day Ideas that will have you excited for this candy holiday.

Also Valentines-related: 10 fun facts about kissing. Mwah!

This video interview with Bottega Veneta’s Tomas Maier lends some insight into the popular brand and the future of the fashion industry.

Um, not sure what to say to this: College Student Pays $14,000 in Tuition with One Dollar Bills.

As always, let us know what you think with a comment and make sure to leave any other links you loved in a comment as well!

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