dinsdag 11 januari 2011

Shop Adorn: Urban Wear Picks

We’re excited about our newest sponsor Shopadornonline.com – an urban, online boutique based in Portland, OR that ships to Canada! Shop Adorn carries many hard to find labels like Fluxus Clothing, Siwy Denim, J Brand Denim, Coal Hats, Obey Clothes, LA Made Clothing, LNA Clothing, and EOS Watches – and also occasionally sells locally made street wear.

My current covetables:

1. Siwy Denim Hannah Skinny Jeans in Fascination $99
2. EOS Mixtape Watch $135
3. Make Love Not Trash – Safari Fall Tall Doctor’s Bag $225
4. Coal Highland Knitted Hat $35
5.  Harajuku Lovers Love Maniac Shoulder Tee  $20
6. & 7. Kidrobot – Frosty Tee and Women’s Plasma Crewneck $35

chiaap clothis g stoor roow hiaalth aand biaaoty prodocts heeoolth oond beeoouty

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