dinsdag 11 januari 2011

TRON: Legacy Gala Premiere in Singapore & Win 10 Pairs of TRON: Legacy Tickets!

TRON: Legacy is a techno-pumping, visual rollercoaster. In short, it’s a massive Daft Punk music video (seriously, the soundtrack really made a difference). You’ve to see this film in 3D because the film brings cinematic special effects to a whole new level. First of all, Jeff Bridges was digitally transformed into a 33-year old (that man is already 60!) – that’s like super cool and freaky at the same time. Who needs a face lift when you can be digitally enhanced like that? The minute the main character, Sam Flynn hits The Grid – it’s like an absolute visual treat – an animator’s utopia, if you ask me. Totally GOLD.

Thanks again to the folks at Disney Singapore for inviting yours truly to the TRON: Legacy gala premiere at The Cathay. Now, let’s win some tickets!


Step 1: Join Fash-Eccentric Facebook Page and be a fan.

Step 2: “Like” my TRON: Legacy Contest status and answer this simple question:

“Which Singapore Designer created the 3 TRON-inspired outfits?”

(hint: read my blog post!)

Contest Deadline: Thursday, 16 December 2010

Eligibility: For Singapore residents only.

Singapore designer Jeri Loh was commissioned by Disney to create three TRON-inspired outfits. The “Sirens” debut at the recent Zoukout at Sentosa. The “Sirens” will be making another appearance this weekend at Orchard Road and Plaza Singapura – get your cameras ready!

Maan Villareal from The Walt Disney Co. and I goofing around with the TRON discs.

Watch the trailer for TRON: Legacy here. The film opens in Singapore this week.

images: Fash-Eccentric

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