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American Idol: Milwaukee Auditions!

American Idol on FOX kicks off week two with auditions in Mikwaukee, Wisconsin complete with a visit from season eight front runner Danny Gokey. Tonight we saw some great auditions, some more comical ones and we also got to see the audition that brought Steven Tyler to tears. Keep reading for all the details!

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Emma Henry
Naima Adedapo
Jerome Bell
Thia Megia
Nathaniel Jones
Molly DeWolf Swensen
Haley Reinhart
Tiwan Strong
Vernika Patterson
Scott Dangerfield
Mason Wilkinson
Steve Beghun
Scott McCreery
Joe Repka
Megan Frazier
Alyson Jados
Chris Medina

American Idol’s Milwaukee auditions got off to a great start tonight as the very first audition was Scotty McCreery, a 16 year old from North Carolina who was the first country singer we have seen this season. Scotty came out and sang Josh Turner – for those of you who listen to country, you know how hard Josh Turner is to replicate and this kid sounded just like him! This audition was so good that Steven got so excited he had his very first bleeped out comments, so needless to say this country kid was headed to Hollywood. Speaking of country music, while the cameras rolled through the excited crowd Danny Gokey was spotted cheering folks on and getting them even more excited to audition.

But of course for every good audition, there are many more bad ones, but would see any tonight? Next up was Joe Repka, a 19 year old radio communications student. Obviously he and Ryan Seacrest hit it off immediately, but unfortunately for Joe – and our ears, he could not sing a note to save his life. His version of “The longest time” by Billy Joel had the judges ready to burst into laughter, and Steven couldn’t even open his eyes while he was jamming away with Joe. Despite the fact that Joe was in awe over Jennifer Lopez, she also was not a fan and in fact when they asked him to stop singing and started to critique him he continued on with another song….creepy.

Then the talent showed back up for American Idol on FOX as we saw a few more golden tickets given out. Included in them was 15 year old Emma Henry of Colorado, who the judges were unsure of but decided to give her a chance after she sang “True colors” as well as Jerome Bell, from New York who sang “Let’s get it on” and wowed the judges. But one young lady really stood out and that was Naima Adedapo. Naima normally works at Milwaukee’s summerfest, where they hold a singing festival each year – but she doesn’t sing, she cleans up after everyone. Naima’s dream has been to get on stage and sing and she may just get that chance as her voice got her through to Hollywood and the judges loved her.

Next up we met Thia Megia, a 15 year old with a powerful voice who would also be moving on to Hollywood, and setting the bar for the other teenagers, but Ryan reported to us that they found a lot of 15 year old talent in Milwaukee, so the decision to change the age limit was a good one. And then there was comedy, in the form of Nathanial Jones who reenacts the civil war for fun, and he showed up in full costume and made it a point to make sure we knew that his dad was not a hippie. If that was not weird enough, his version of “The lion sleeps tonight” was hysterical and even Randy couldn’t hold back the laughter on this one.

And then we watched more golden tickets being given out, including Tiwan Strong who ironically had strong vocals, as well as Haley Reinhart, who auditioned last season in Chicago and was told to come back because she was not ready. Apparently this time she was ready, she looked great and sounded great and was now headed to Hollywood. Then there was Molly Swensen, a Harvard graduate who is currently working as intern in the White House. Molly did not look like the singing type to me, but she could definitely hold her notes. So much so that she got her ticket as well, but before so she informed Randy that while he was running through the crowd high-fiving everyone, he accidently punched her in lip. Randy comically denied it, but the video footage showed that he did indeed hit her….luckily she was too thrilled by getting her ticket that it didn’t phase her.

Steve Beghun was next to grace the judges and while he tried his hand at comedy, it did not go over to well. Despite being self proclaimed as big and goofy, Steve could sing – in fact the 27 year old accountant was called “disturbingly good” by Steven. And then there was Vernika Patterson who poor attempt at “Loving you” was blamed on her nervousness of Jennifer watching her so she started over and it was still terrible. When the three judges tried to critique her, she had a tantrum carrying on that she only got a no because she was not skinny like the other girls there. She continued to carry on that she could sing better than everyone auditioning. After finally leaving without even waiting on the vote, she continued on with the camera and started throwing a tantrum about the camera in her face. Then we saw a few comical moments of folks throwing tantrums at the camera, a few even went so far as to smack the camera, yikes!

We also got to see a meaner side of Randy Jackson tonight when we watched Albert Rogers, who compared himself to Ruben and Luther come in and completely destroy “Stand by me”. Randy came right out and got mad, telling Albert that that was terrible and a joke. But comedy did not end there as we next watched Megan Frasier, who made it clear she was Packers fan, come in and try and persuade the judges to bring Opera singing to the show. If she was singing Opera she was not very good at it and as she and Steven started to shriek together, he joked that she broke the glass pane! We even saw some insane dentist come in and try his hand at singing with a life sized toothbrush – that one was just plain scary……..alright maybe it was a bit funny too, but you have to wonder about the mental state of some of these folks.

As the auditions came to a close, a few more golden tickets were handed out, including Scott Dangerfield, a student teacher who came in with lipstick on, claiming he was kissing girls in the other room. Also in that group was Alison Jaydos, whose idol happens to be none other than Steven Tyler. Despite Randy saying no, both Jennifer and Steven sent through after hearing her version of “Come together” and “Dream on” which Steven joined in on. Then it was time for the last and saddest audition of the night with Chris Medina, who sang “Break even”. Chris told the judges a tale of how his fiancee was in an accident which left her paralyzed only months before they were supposed to wed. Chris, along with her mother now take care of her and he told them how thrilled she would be if he went to Hollywood. The judges asked Chris to bring his fiancee in the room and when he did, they all hugged her – and yes Steven Tyler did have tears! Finally Jennifer revealed that they would be sending Chris through to Hollywood which made his fiancee very happy!

That wraps up the Milwaukee auditions, be sure to tune in tomorrow at 8 pm EST for more auditions in Nashville on American Idol on FOX!

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