zondag 27 februari 2011

Fashion PR : Loro Piana

Italian label Loro Piana has a family history deeply seeded in the world of fashion. For over six generations, Loro Piana has been the world’s top cashmere and wool supplier, making its mark as an authentic and exclusive luxury label. While the brand has a strong reputation today, the company came from small beginnings.

The Loro Piana family started as wool merchants in the 1800s, and in 1924 the brand we know today was formally established. The haute couture industry was Loro Piano’s target market since its origin, and generations of family members have catered to the sophisticated client.

Since the brand’s inception, Loro Piana strives to make excellence their standard. Product quality is of utmost importance, and the brand only uses the highest quality materials to ensure comfort, style, and longevity. Loro Piana has expertly scoured the world to find the best raw materials to work with, from Mongolian cashmere to merino wools from New Zealand. The brand even has a special agreement with Peruvian campesiños in order to extract Vicuña fibre, used for luxury fleece garments.

The product’s quality is reflective of the Loro Piana customer. The luxury goods are practical, wearable, and detailed. Loro Piana even offers a personalization service for formal clothing, leather goods, knit and outerwear, for yacht owners and/or corporate gifting. The personalization is an extra step that allows for customers who seek only the best, to purchase an iconic, truly original piece.

Visit www.loropiana.com to browse the spring/summer 2011 collection and learn more about the brand’s rich history and dedication to luxury and exclusivity.

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