zondag 27 februari 2011

FLIPS: 100% Eco-Friendly & Singaporean

Fashion is not eco-friendly to begin with (if you know what I mean) – but I find it thrilling that there is an increase of eco-fashion products in the market. Let me introduce to you *drums roll* Flips is a homegrown flip flop label which is made from 100% natural, organic rubber, biodegradable and anti-bacterial. The design is simple and classic but Flips are available in over 20 seasonal colours. 

Thanks to the makers for sending me not one, but four pairs of Flips for review – scroll down for my final verdict. Did Flips meet my expectations? We shall see.

This label may be less than a year old but it is available in 20 locations in Singapore.

This is my favourite pair of Flips (of course, I pick the girly colours).

 Most importantly, Flips are anti-skid so you don’t fall on your bum in the rain.

VERDICT: How do I describe? It is definitely spongey and durable. The best thing about it is that it’s comfortable – that’s the first sign of a high quality flip flops. I do not doubt the quality of Flips. Bubster joined me in walking around in Flips and he agreed, “This is how flip flops should be made!” The beach, outdoor loving Kiwi has spoken. He practically lives in flip flops. I understand that it’s unisex but I wish there’s a “slimmer” design for the ladies. To be specific, sexy contours of the women feet – we don’t like unisex shoes because we have prettier feet. I’m just kidding about the feet.

images: Flips & Fash-Eccentric

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