donderdag 3 februari 2011

Metamorphosis Collection: Shanghai Tang Spring/Summer 2011

Last week, Shanghai Tang invited Fash-Eccentric for an exclusive press preview of their latest Spring/Summer 2011 at ION Sky. Yes, all the way up at the 56th floor! The new collection called METAMORPHOSIS interprets the ancient costumes of the Miao, an ethnic minority in Southern China, into a modern yet captivating collection for women and men. METAMORPHOSIS features prints inspired by the Miao batik prints with symbols from nature such as the Butterfly, a mythical symbolism for beauty and metamorphosis. I mentally noted some of my favourite pieces from the collection: “Miao” jade necklace, “City” bag, “Charms” embroidered cotton tunic and the “Knot” leather belt. Here are some photos from the press day:

METAMORPHOSIS at 56th floor.

The “Charms” embroidered cotton tunic is perfect for the summer. Love!

I love the details on the cuff of the men’s shirts.

Behold the “Knot” leather belt – seen in almost every look of this season.

The “Miao” jade necklace is versatile – easily paired with luxe factor.

Indigo blue and Jade green are staple to the Miaos. 

The “Blue Ceramic” Liberty print shirt is an tribute to the Miaos emblems.

The “Miao Patch” print silk satin dress is a winner, I likey!

Shanghai Tang added a new twist to their qipao line by streamlining and double-pleating their dress like this silk crepe dress with crossed pleats. This likens to the pleated skirts frequented by the Miao women. Interesting!

images: Fash-Eccentric

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