woensdag 9 februari 2011

There Goes the Neighbourhood: Playdead Cult Moves to Kensington

The hot ticket last Thursday was the highly anticipated opening of the new Playdead Cult residence. While their last abode was a secluded spot in the trendy west Queen west neighborhood, this new shop is on the main drag of hipster run Kensington Market.

With over a decade behind them, the label has developed a loyal following of people looking for something different. The Playdead Cult brand has always been a place where the macabre and pin-up girls mashed with a pop art/ culture twist; blurring art and fashion with edgy results.

In this latest incarnation, the space is smaller and more boutique-y, with a curated selection of artworks and clothing pieces for all women, men and kids available. More photos of guests rocking their Playdead Cult gear here >>

Photo: Casey Anne styled her Playdead Cult skirt with swirly stockings and a faux navy jacket

Playdead Cult
254 Augusta Ave. Toronto
1 888 408 5487


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