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American Idol: Los Angeles Auditions!

Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez are back tonight as American Idol on FOX heads to Los Angeles tonight for more auditions. You’ll have to keep reading however to find out if they were lucky enough to find any talent in LA!

Watch videos from the Los Angeles auditions!

William Roberts
Matt “Big Stats” Frankel
Tynisha Roches
Daniel Gomez
Justin Carter
Veronica Garrett
Tim Halperin
Karen Rodriguez
Heidi Khzam
Mark and Aaron Guiterrez
Cooper Robinson

As the auditions head to LA on American Idol, they kicked off with a quick rundown of all the talent we saw and considering that they showed Steven’s controversial clip once again, I have to believe that their apology for his behavior was a joke?! Victoria Garrett started off the auditions and if she was any indication of what LA was about to be like, then they were seriously in trouble – Randy and Steven even joked that she sounded like an animal.

Tim Halperin was out to change that however as he gushed about his love for Jennifer Lopez and he seemed to perform his version of “She will be loved” just to Jennifer. While Randy was not impressed, Tim got a yes from both Jennifer and Steven, although did tell him that he needed to work on it a little. Next we saw mixed reviews and even got to see Jennifer’s very first censoring of the season! The final auditions of the day one happened to be two close friends, Daniel Gomez and Isaac Rodriguez. Daniel Gomez was up first and just as he started to get into his performance Steven cut him off and Randy called him tone deaf – yes he was that bad. His buddy Isaac Rodriguez was up next but he was just as bad as his friend and the judges told him that he burnt the song down. As Isaac was telling the judges that he will never stop singing, Randy advised him that neither he nor his friend should ever sing again!

Day two of the LA auditions on American Idol started with some Myspace auditions and we got to see Karen Rodriguez, who performed “You give good love”. Karen, from New York admitted that she sang to Jennifer previously on TRL. Next up was probably the funniest audition to date when Tanesha, another Myspace audition from New Jersey came in sure she would be the next American Idol. As she performed a tribute to Frank Sinatra, she had to start over numerous times, claiming the judges made her nervous. Randy asked her to stop singing and she wouldn’t stop singing,she kept going and going. Finally, Randy had enough and walked out – but it got funnier as she began to chase him. Randy and Steven had to wrestle her microphone from her and then she began to sing again until they had to get security to remove her.

Then we saw Heidi Khzam who seemed to have more fun shaking her hips for Randy and Steven than singing. When she did perform she was actually good and gained a golden ticket although Jennifer did not look too thrilled with it. Then the comedy started up again as we were graced with the presence of Matt “big stats” Frankel who claimed he was a freelance music producer and came dressed complete in suit and tie. But as he started to sing, we started to laugh and Randy was first up to comment with “what I see I don’t like”. Of course after he left he went on and on about how it was Randy’s fault and Randy has issues – delusional much? Then we saw a whole bunch of awful performances one right after another, including some nutcase who auditioned “Pants on the ground”.

At this rate would we even see any talent? Next we met two brothers, Marc and Aaron Gutierrez whose version of “Lean on me” in which they performed a duet was actually very good although they don’t seem to have the “look”. The judges were all in wow, and Steven even said they sounded “God-like” in their audition and they received a golden ticket each, but would the talent continue? Not likely with the final audition as Cooper Anderson scared the judges when he walked in. The 59 year old claimed he was from deep in the woods of Arkansas and I am not sure what was scarier, his outfit or his James Brown impersonation. He spent more time dancing around the stage and tripping over himself than any good singing. With that said, Los Angeles ended a bad streak on a bad note, hopefully they will have better luck next week.

Be sure to tune in next Wednesday at 8 pm EST for more auditions in San Francisco on American Idol on FOX!

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