woensdag 9 maart 2011

Fashion PR: Robert Graham

For the confident, fashion-forward male, Robert Graham is a style savior. The unconventional designs require the wearer to have a very certain gusto, as each piece is meant to challenge fashion boundaries and push detailing to it’s limits. Founded by Robert Stock in 2001, the eclectic collection is a throwback to Saville Row style, with its quality, character, and impeccable detailing.

The men’s collection is famed for the sport shirts. Whether the wearer chooses the subtle detailing of the Python design or a more funky jacquard pattern like the Atoll style, the quality and detailing is superior. For a more relaxed look, the Freshly Laundered collection has variations of soft washed, easy-to wear plaid…every man’s staple item. Feeling really confident? The Silk Road collection has some truly different patterns, but I would only recommend it to the man who has the confidence to rock it in style.

Though initially a menswear line, Robert Graham has expanded to include almost every type of clothing. Aside from a full women’s collection, the brand now creates knitwear, pants, ties, and cufflinks. Currently in the works are fragrance and home furnishings collections, but what we’re most intrigued by is the promise of men’s suits. If the quality and style of Grahams initial designs is any indication of what’s to come, we expect tailored, refined suits with an eclectic twist.

Granted, the loud designs may not be everybody’s taste, but you can’t discredit the detailing nuances and attention to design. Love it or hate it, Robert Stock must be on to something if there’s enough following for the brand to be carried in over 1500 retailers worldwide. visit www.robertgraham.us to find a list of store locations.

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