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From CollegeCandy: 15 Fun & Easy Dining Hall ?Recipes?

Editor’s Note: This article was written by our friends at CollegeCandy! Before you click over to read the second half, know that some readers found some of CC’s content/ads to be non-work-safe. Thought you should know beforehand. Now, on to the post!

While most students have meal plans to avoid spending their own money, cafeteria cuisine doesn’t always match up to mom’s homemade fare. Companies like Sodexho have goals that include providing healthy meals to students, but the balance between nutritious and delicious isn’t always apparent. Doctoring up your dorm delicacies will save your money and waistline from the dreaded Freshman 15.

How do you turn that cafeteria fare into something edible delicious? I’ve got some ideas that would make even The Barefoot Contessa proud.

(Note: Some of these require a little…erm…smuggling. Grab a Ziploc bag or those Tupperware containers your mom made you buy and load ‘em up in the caf. Then sneak ‘em out and save that stuff for later.)

Use taco meat or shredded chicken from the Southwestern/Mexican line for midnight nachos. Because of the combination of protein, dairy, and fresh veggies, tacos and nachos can be a balanced alternative to heavier burgers.Use different types of breads and cheeses from the deli line for a new grilled cheese sandwich.Toast leftover bagels from breakfast with margarine for a New York style treat. Only eat half, though—one bagel is equivalent to five pieces of bread.Make a fun cocktail of different juices from the drink dispenser. My old roommate combined 1/3 cranberry juice, 1/3 apple juice and 1/3 orange juice. Sounds weird, but it worked!Combine crumbled ramen noodles, cereal, nuts and dried fruit as a snack mix.Use hot fudge from the yogurt machine and  dip pretzels/fruit into the warm chocolate for a late night fondue.

Wanna see the rest of the fun dining hall “recipes”? Click right here to read the rest at CollegeCandy!

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